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Top 10 Things to Look For When Picking a Roof Rack

going on vacation with car roof box

When it comes to travelling with a roof box Thule Car Roof Boxes knows their stuff. They’ve been fitting and selling roof stands for customers’ cars for more than ten years. They’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the problems that you may face.
No matter if you driving into the Swiss Alps and enjoy your vacation in a car-free resort, park your car next to a beautiful terrace in Zurich or enjoy the no speed limit on German Autobahn, our top 10 things to look for when picking a roof rack will certainly help you.

top 10 things when picking a roof rack

Read the Manual

Chaps don’t read directions and to be honest, the majority of us get away with it 95 percent of the moment! If you’re fitting a roof rack to your car it’s extremely significant to read all the instructions fully before you take a single bolt. They’ll help you to get the job
done quickly and safely in the long term. While not crucial, a second pair of hands is certainly a help. Recall your car is worth far more than the set of roof racks you have just
purchased, so don’t hurt it by not reading the directions!

Ensure correct fit and utilization

Paying particular attention to a correctly fitted and utilized roof rack provides years of trouble free service and won’t damage your car. An muddy, under-torqued fitted or over-torqued roof rack can harm your car.

Avoid corrosion

If left in your your roof rack, automobile will be exposed to the elements, and because of this the fittings can corrode over time. To counteract this, a little bit of copper grease on the mounting bolt threads can help protect against corrosion and make removing them later on so much simpler.

Do not overload

Manual for your car is going to have a section. We frequently discover the car will have a lower weight limit compared to the roof bars so that it’s significant to check rather than exceed whichever is the lower of the 2.

Get help on time

Rack with big things can be tough. It’s when you are struggling and straining that things tend to get damaged, so as opposed to scratching your beautiful paintwork with that 12-foot canoe you are trying to manhandle all on your own, get someone to give you a hand.

Keep an eye on the height of your car

Surprised at the amount of calls we get from clients telling us they have just driven their car to a multi-storey car park (or their own garage), abandoned they had the roof rack and roof box or bicycle racks fitted and ripped the entire lot off! It is more of a problem on taller MPVs and 4×4s but nevertheless possible in family saloons, so try to bear in mind the extra height you are carrying!

Lock your roofbox

We sell roof racks make certain to use them especially if you’re carrying bikes or kayaks that could be worth thousands. It may also be a great idea to maintain your roof
rack keys. We get hundreds of calls each year searching for replacement keys!

Tie everything down

And surf boards have to be tied down to the car rear and front, not only to the roof rack. These sort of products can generate amounts of lift might tear your car cleans off if it is not tied down and when travelling at speed.

Adapt your driving speed

Accessories like roof boxes come. Aerodynamic drag increases with speed, and exceeding the speed rating could effectively exert a lot of force on the attachment or the roof rack.

Take the roofbox off

Of materials and profiles, a roof rack adds a level of weight and aerodynamic drag. Even though a small amount, it will impact your fuel economy. So if you are not using it, then take it off!

With these tips, you will be safe and so will be the content of your roof box and the box itself. Ensure to follow these when picking a roof rack. Have a safe ride and a pleasant journey!

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