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How to choose the right roof box for your car

which roof box to buy for holidays

With summer holidays coming up we analyzed how to choose the right roof box for your

A roof box and a cycle carrier could save you from having to buy a car that is larger or to rent one for your holidays.

Going on holidays with the car can strenghten or damage a relation. We consider boot space more because of its daily consumption or weekends away than canoes the wetsuits, bicycles and paraphernalia a holiday can involve. Quite right, too, or we would all be driving in Chrysler Grand Voyagers and Ford Tourneos.

buying advise for car roof boxes

The easy fact

Remains that for most of us, the 350 litres of the ordinary hatchback’s boot is sufficient for 95 percent of the time — but it is that missing five… That’s where the roof box and cycle carrier come in. Based on a producer of products that are such, Thule, there has been
an astonishing increase. Recent studies are showing that there was a substantial increase in the need for roof boxes and cycle carriers over the last decade, with roof boxes showing an increase of over 70 per cent and cycle carriers by 150 per cent.

Thule says that the majority of revenue in roof boxes and cycle carriers are in the end of the market. That’s because buyers are currently thinking that the more money they spend, the better quality the product and the less likely it is to fail. When you consider the havoc motorcycle carrier or an errant roof box which is reassuring could cause if it detaches on the motorway.

Obviously the roof

So we thought we’d try it for our own, the box boom is linked to the number of small cars we’re buying. At litres, the boot of the Audi A3 is sufficient for most situations. But with roof box and a cycle carrier, we can carry a passenger and do not have to sacrifice part of the seat. Not bad for a car.

Anyone who’s sceptical of their abilities at DIY doesn’t need to worry about installing them. If you buy roof bars and a box in-store at Halfords, staff will fit them for you for #24.98. But we found the instructions to your Thule roof bars unbelievably straightforward. We managed the roof box only — and it still wasn’t tricky, even though the cycle carrier was slightly fiddly to assemble. The whole lot was fitted at a little.

The thing was that, at 580 litres, the #320 Exodus roof box has more space than the boot of the Audi A6 Avant. And that’s excluding the motorcycle carrier. The Thule roof bars were the Halfords bike carrier # 60 and 145. So for #525 we had more than doubled the carrying capacity of our test car, which is than buying a new one — a lot cheaper — and hassle.

Choose the right roof box

Variety of roof boxes available on the market and they come in all sizes and shapes. The great news is you can get them to fit all sorts of car and even buy boxes for mounting a bike should you need to to free up space on the roof bars.

It sounds obvious, but in the event that you ensure, gauge the width between them and also already have roof bars the roof box fits. Where you are going to use the box, consider also. Access is allowed by some from both sides while need to stand near traffic to load it.

Finally, we recommend buyers consider the quality. Purchase cheaply online and you
Could end up with something dangerously flimsy. Also consider the locking mechanism. More expensive boxes have a system that sensibly prevents unless it is locked, you removing the key. And the pricier they are, the more attention that will have been paid to making it as possible, saving fuel.

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