Thule Car Roof Boxes

Top 10 Things to Look For When Picking a Roof Rack

When it comes to travelling with a roof box Thule Car Roof Boxes knows their stuff. They’ve been fitting and selling roof stands for customers’ cars for more than ten years. They’ve built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the problems that you may face. No matter if you driving into the Swiss Alps and enjoy your vacation in a car-free resort, park your car next to a beautiful terrace in Zurich or enjoy the no speed limit […]

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What people really carry in their roof boxes

Did you ever ask why you can see increasing numbers of large, gray, boxes fixed to car roofs? This post is about what people really carry in their roof boxes.┬áRoof poles can be a useful tool for packing in all the holiday ‘essentials’ More and more luggage when travelling by car As a tendency towards smaller cars leaves them short on space motorists are turning to the roof box, new research indicates. Boxes rose by more than 13 per cent […]

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