Thule Car Roof Boxes

The best car roof boxes for holidays, breaks and sports

Heading off on vacation and insufficient storage space for the things of the family? Then consider one of those space-saving containers.

Contrary to popular belief there is not any such thing as a roof box for a car. You are better off thinking about what shape will be acceptable for you — if there is anything else, such as a bike carrier , you would like to carry on the roof 40, considering foremost and first.

Also think about quality of features and materials, in addition to locking systems and closing. Boxes when filled full, are more easy to work with if being pulled down, whilst save the effort of stretching across to the side can secures only the lid. Features do tend to cost more.

Thule car roof boxes are known for their quality, durability and design. They are available in different sizes and styles. The competetion is not sleeping, though. There are a good number of bargain roof top boxes you may want to check out before your next road trip.


1. Thule Trip XL

Produced by the world’s No 1 brand. This sleek-looking, biggest brandroof box is a. It’s easy to fit with clamps that locate the roof bars over and are tightened with a twist grip. Fitting
an 460 litres, it has got space for weeks off with dogs and a family and it has side.

2. Karrite Odyssey

This is a box that is little, but good for anybody who wants a reliable and cheap way to take a little bit of gear. It is durable, with a lock that is rear and you can get it from either side, which makes it also to load and much easier both to match it because it is made with opening.

3. Kamei 510

This has a clever “only pull to lock” central locking system, which essentially means
you can not take the keys from the lock until it is locked. In addition, it boasts a lot of dual side opening space and the sort of quality you would expect from box manufacturer and this expert.

4. Summit SUM 843

This is a so capacious that you could fit everything you need for a family more, and camping vacation. Ideal for families who do not wish to get wedged in with of their stuff from the car itself, this roof box scores well in rain tests.

5. Hapro Traxer 6.6

This elegant and medium-width box has side opening, in addition to a contour that optimises the use of space. Combing practicality and strength, it has locking system for security and is robust, secure, spacious. The box to pub fittings are simple to use.

6. Thule Ranger 90 Foldable

This roof carrier is made from fabric and uses zips to allow it to open up. That makes it perfect for individuals with lack of storage space since it can be stowed away when not in use. You can carry it around you buy stuff that is additional that you would like to bring home. It’s just great.

7. Hapro Roady 450

This innovative and reasonably priced box in the world roof box producer is a size that is similar to the Karrite, but a step up in quality. It is hinged at the front and opens which means that it is easy to match it and load and open it, and there enough room to carry at least one bike carrier.

8. Modula MOCS0061 650L

This roof box does not have problems doing in impact tests, in addition to coping with extreme temperatures and is easy to attach to the roof rack of your car. It accommodates a huge quantity of luggage (650 liters), in addition to leaving space for bicycles or kayaks to match alongside and looks more sophisticated.

9. Thule Box Dynamic L

This aerodynamic storage unit is the dad of roof boxes. You will be hard pressed to find one with better build features, design and quality and they look slick and sophisticated. We like the lid and the easy system is three times greater than opponent boxes which means that you can open and close the lid.

When it is empty, the Thule Motion 800 460 can appear a bit flimsy, but load up it and
you will quickly enjoy the build quality. It is idiot-proof and roomy open to match and lock. The Karrite Odyssey is hard-wearing and easy to lock and load if you would like something more affordable and smaller.


Thule Car Roof Boxes – Additional storage space for the car

In a roof box, there is enough space for bulky objects, winter sports accessories such as skis and snowboards or additional luggage and other leisure equipment that do not fit into the boot of the vehicle.

Roof boxes offer an additional storage space of 300 to 500 litres on average and are a great alternative to conventional vehicle trailers and trailer couplings. Before deciding on an car roof box, it is important to find out about the various different products on the market.

Alternatively to the purchase of a car roof box you can also rent a car roof box suitable for your own vehicle. Renting a car roof box is especially recommended for people who do not travel regularly but only 1 to 2 times a year by car or motorhome. It is important to note that the roof box has been tested for safety and are offered in a first-class condition.

Car Roof Box Dimensions

Before buying a car roof box, you should first be aware of the size of the model, what is to be transported and how heavy you want to load the box. If winter sports equipment such as snowboards, skis or deep-sea fishing routes or even children’s beds are to be transported, the roof box must have a certain length, width and height. If the sports equipment measures 1.75 metres in length, the ski roof box must be at least 180 centimetres long.

In addition, before buying the box you should consider the height of the box, because the vehicle should be able to fit into a garage without any problems. If you want to take extra luggage such as bicycles, surfboards etc. on the roof of the vehicle, it is important to consider the width of the box when buying. Depending on how much extra space is needed for additional luggage, a correspondingly wide roof box should be selected.

Thule Car Roof Boxes Purchase Criteria

In the following we have listed some other points that you should consider when buying a roof box.

  • Aerodynamics – In order to avoid excessive damage to driving behaviour and, above all, to avoid excessive fuel consumption, an aerodynamic design is crucial. This is a streamlined and sporty design (keyword diffuser technology).
  • Automatic content fixation. This means that as soon as the lid is closed, the loading of the roof box is secured by means of a so-called crash-nose. Additional support can be provided by a cargo net, fastening straps or a non-slip mat.
  • Power-Click or Fast-Click system (or similarly designed systems) for quick and safe installation. Since such a system enables the attachment with one hand, it is not necessary to rely on the help of a second person.
  • Possibility of opening the roof box from both sides.
  • Forward-facing design – so that the rear door can be opened perfectly despite the roof box being mounted, thus allowing unhindered access to the boot.
  • A central locking system in which the key can only be removed if all locking points are securely locked.

Selection of sizes

The short, wide and flat car roof box

This compactly shaped roof box offers a large capacity for luggage that does not exceed 1.65 metres in length. This type of roof box measures an average maximum length of 1.70 metres and a width of 70 centimetres or more.

The long and wide car roof box

This roof box is ideal for families with a lot of luggage due to its immense storage space. Also skis, snowboards, golf accessories, children’s beds and other sports equipment have enough room in this box. The average minimum length of a long and wide roof box is about 1.75 meters. The width starts at just under 70 centimetres.

The long and medium wide car roof box

Since there is still enough room for additional stowage on the roof of the vehicle when this roof box is attached, this model is ideal for holiday trips. In addition to holiday luggage, which can be stowed in the box, bicycle roof racks and other sports accessories also have a lot of space. This roof box is available from a length of just under 1.75 metres and a width of 70 centimetres to 85 centimetres.

The long and narrow shaped car roof box

This box is perfect for storing luggage and individual sports equipment. Thanks to the small width, it is also possible to mount roof racks on the roof of the vehicle in addition to the box. This roof box is available from a length of 1.75 metres and is maximum 69 centimetres wide.

The foldable car roof box

In contrast to all other types of suitcases for the vehicle roof, this type of roof box is foldable and is particularly suitable for all persons who have little space and would like to store the car transport bag even in the boot, if necessary. The sizes of the foldable roof pockets vary.

Suitable vehicles

Before deciding to buy a roof box for a car, you should make sure that your own vehicle is suitable for transporting a car box on its roof. Small cars and sports cars are particularly problematic, as they are in most cases not approved for roof loads. Necessary information on the maximum roof load can be found in the vehicle documents or in the logbook of your own car.

Roof boxes have an average weight of 10 to 25 kilograms. However, the weight of the roof rack, the weight of the luggage stowed in the roof trunk, the holder and any additional luggage must be taken into account. The size of the roof box is also crucial in this context. For example, the roof box should not protrude above the rear part of the vehicle – the boot or the tailgate must be able to be opened perfectly and completely.

Also, the roof box should not be mounted in such a way that the front part of the box does not protrude. Aerodynamically correct, the roof box is locked to the course of the windshield. This reduces fuel consumption while driving and minimizes wind noise.


Before attaching the car roof box to the car or motorhome, you first have to attach a support frame to the roof of the vehicle. How the base support is mounted depends on whether your own vehicle is equipped with a roof railing or a rain gutter. When fastening the roof rack, you should always adhere to the assembly instructions, because if the base rack is not properly fixed, it can happen that the rack and the mounted roof box become a traffic hazard and an accident occurs.

In this context, it should also be noted that the manufacturer is not liable if the roof box has been mounted incorrectly. Experts strongly advise against attaching the boxes to the roof rack with their own home-made tools.

Driving characteristics with a car roof box

Baggage loading in the car always influences the driving behaviour and fuel consumption of the vehicle. Because of this, you should make sure that your luggage is always optimally distributed. Speed should also be monitored at all times. If you keep to the recommended driving speed of 100 km/h to 120 km/h with a roof box on the vehicle and the roof box is correctly mounted, it will ensure that annoying wind noise is reduced and the fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. In addition, the roof box should be fitted with a lock on the base support if the model does not have a lockable central locking system.

  • The permissible roof load must always be avoided.
  • Heavy luggage must always be stowed in the boot.
  • The maximum speed of 130 km/h should not be exceeded under any circumstances.
  • When not in use, the roof box should always be removed, on the one hand for safety reasons and on the other hand, the vehicle consumes more fuel.

Pros and Cons


  • Additional storage space.
  • To accommodate the necessary equipment for extended holiday trips or adventure holidays such as camping, skiing or kayaking.
  • Can be easily mounted and dismantled just as easily.
  • Cheaper models are available for as little as 100 Pounds – but make sure that all important security features are adhered to. The City Crash Test provides a good indication of this.
  • Roof boxes are usually weatherproof as well as UV-resistant and thus reliably protect the transported goods against harmful environmental influences.


  • If additional roof racks are necessary for the installation of the roof box, this is of course also associated with higher costs. Therefore, make sure that your desired model can be mounted on any existing roof racks. We have summarized the relevant information on the maximum strut width of the roof rack as well as the minimum and maximum distance between the roof racks in our comparison table.
  • Due to the susceptibility of a roof box to wind, not only can the driving behaviour of the vehicle be adversely affected, but at the same time fuel consumption can be increased. This makes an aerodynamic design all the more important. This usually also reduces the wind noise generated during driving to a minimum.
  • A roof box naturally increases the overall height of the vehicle, which can lead to uncertainties when driving underneath obstacles at the beginning.